Arbitrage Stakes Calculator

A tool with proven invaluable usefulness and one of the most important tools a trader can have. You start by entering the odds you backed a selection at and your stake and then you type in the current odds available to lay the same selection, click the “Calculate Lay Stake” and the tool will display the amount you need to lay in order to equalize a profit whatever the outcome.

Sometimes you may not wish to Equalise your Profits precisely… for example, if you’re 90% certain that the Horse will win or 90% sure that your team will lose, you can use the Slider below to calculate how much you should Stake to, at least, cover your Liability, while risking an appropriate percentage of your potential Profi

1. Enter your Original Stake, the Back Odds, and the Lay Odds.
2. Choose whether you have already Backed and now wish to Lay or already Layed and now wish to Back.
3. Click on and move the Slider’s pointer.
4. The output shows what your Stake should be to cover only your Liability, your Liability, and all of your Potential Profit, or any percentage in between.

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