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Blackjack Variations

One of the most popular games at casinos has long been the game of blackjack which in some situations is referred to as the game of 21. In the classic version of the game, players must get as close as they can to the number 21 without going over. They must also have a higher counting hand than the dealer. Blackjack is well liked for its simple rules as well as its exciting play. While many people prefer this traditional version of blackjack, many others enjoy playing variations on the game.

A version of blackjack that can be found online at some online casino sites is a game known as blackjack switch. With the game of blackjack switch players actually play two hands simultaneously. When playing this version players have the option of swapping the second cards dealt to them. For instance, if the second card in one hand is a jack and the second hand is a five, they can be swapped. Since this variation takes away some of the house’s edge the dealer will hit on a soft 17. In the variation of blackjack switch, if a player gets a blackjack, it will only pay out even money not like the typical 3:2 in traditional blackjack games. Also, if the dealer’s hand has a value of 22, this will tie all bets and not be a busted hand.

Another possible variation of blackjack is a game called pontoon. If a player obtains a blackjack in this version, the payout increases to 2:1 unless the dealer also has one. Five card Charlies are possible in pontoon. A five card Charlie is when you have a hand of five cards without exceeding 21. One of the drawbacks of pontoon is that when the dealer and a player tie, the dealer always wins. The next time you want to play blackjack, check out the offerings at

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