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Is the Martingale betting strategy still effective in today’s modern gambling scenario? Read this post to know how it’s applied to Roulette and Blackjack.

There are two kinds of reviews you would generally get about the Martingale system. While the beginners hold strong opinion about the same, an expert player will tell you to try any method other than the Martingale. With its origin way back in the 18th century, this Martingale strategy is specifically for games with a heads or tails format. Let us take a look at how this system works in two of the most popular casino games; roulette and blackjack.


In order to make the Martingale system work at the roulette table, you will have to confine your bets to black or red in 50/50 propositions. In case you lose a spin after placing the bet, you need to double the ante on the subsequent turn of the wheel. Say for an instance, if you bet $20 on black and lose the first spin, you’ll have to bet $40 on the next spin, and further $80 on the third spin if you lose again. As a result you get a one unit profit, and you need to start the sequence again once you win the bet.


Similar to the condition applied at the roulette table, here also you have to double the stake for every losing hand, and the betting sequence continues till the time you win a hand. So basically, if you do your math right, you’ll end up with one unit profit. For example, with a starting stake of $5, you end up wagering $40 after losing three hands. This gives an exposure to $75, and after winning the hand, you are left with a profit of $5.

So Does It Really Work?

Martingale system may have proved to be effective for games like roulette or blackjack, but it is certainly not a solution for other variations. Mathematically, it’s an authentic strategy, but complicated in the gaming world. Unless you have an extremely large bankroll, you cannot make the most of this system. For example, if your opening stake is $10, and you lose 6 successive hands, you’ll have to bet a whopping $640, which is beyond the limit of many players.

Now even if you have enough bankroll to take on the house, the rules imposed by the casino will cause this system to fail. Most of the online casinos have a limit on the maximum amount you can bet, and this makes it really difficult to implement the system. Just because you have enough funds to keep doubling your stakes until you win, the table’s limit will avert you from doing this repeatedly.

Relying on this system completely to make huge profits for you is the costliest mistake you can make for yourself. Unless you uphold the basic principle of this betting system, it will fail both in theory and practice. It may be good in small doses, but getting used to it can hurt you real bad in the long term. Hence, one should look beyond this strategy if they are to make big winnings with a lower bankroll.


If you have ever had the chance to play Lucky Lady’s Charm deluxe slot at an online casino, you have certainly soon realized that it is not a complex game to play, neither that you must be a professional gambler to win. One thing can be said though, it is an enjoyable game where all the luck you need in order to win is just on the screen in front of you, brought to you by a charming lady who reminds me more of a Hollywood actress than a fortune teller of the circus.

Lucky Lady’s Charm deluxe game is a highly popular Novomatic slot machine based on the famous video slot classic and turned into a dynamic online version that most ladies and gents love to play. Now the advanced version of the most popular game has come with a host of new features, looks, sounds while retaining all the charisma of the original.

Lucky lady’s Charm Deluxe comes as an exciting 5-reel, 10-payline slot game that rewards its players with amazing chances of making good sums of money and bonuses. The game is full of excitement and amazing graphics that keep you occupied. The greatest charm of the game is the vast array of winning chances that the game offers its players and the fact that, of course, you do not need to go to the old style casinos, but rather enjoy the game in the cool comforts of your home at an online casino.


There are many symbols in the game that reward you like the Rabbit pad, the Four Leaved clover, the Coin, the Ladybug, the Horseshoe and the playing card symbols A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9. The Lucky Lady herself is the wild symbol and rewards the players with the double of the earnings when included in win combinations replacing any other symbol other than the Scatter. The Magic Sphere is a scatter symbol that multiplies the win when two or more are present on the screen anywhere and gives 15 free spins if three or more scatter symbols are present on the screen. The players get a chance to increase their earnings 3 times during the free spins and the earnings are added to the pot.

Gamble Feature

Like many other online slot machine games of Novomatic, Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe offers the opportunity to double your wins after each successful spin. The player who wants to maximize his earnings or wants to try his luck in a gamble can take advantage of the gamble feature by guessing the card. If the player is able to successfully guess the color of the card, all his line earnings are doubled while if he fails to do so, he stands to lose his entire earnings as well.


Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe Slot is a beautiful game like many other Novomatic slot games. The pay lines are a little less than many other online slot games, but the pay out of the game is an interesting part as it comes out on a regular basis for the joy of the players. However the strong points and the beauty of the game are the looks, graphics and sounds and, of course, the fascinating fortune teller you cannot NOT fall in love with.

By chance if you are the one who always craved to try on playing the video poker, but never had the guts to play the game. This might be due to the fact that even your friends do not know how to play this game or you felt that you going to look very foolish and all others are going to have an edge against you as you are a beginner or a learner. Now there’s a sigh of relief to the people who always wish to play the video poker game. You surely need to be thankful to the www as with the help of internet there is a web based version of the famous video poker game. The online version has expanded greatly with hundreds of web based video poker casinos. At last you can fulfill your long awaited dream and become a king in the video poker gaming world. Playing the online version of video poker game is just like a cake walk. You simply do not have to bother if you’re a novice gamer as you will be in a position to find lots of tutorial sessions that will provide you complete instructions to make you understand the game properly. Whatever possible thing that you always craved to know about the video poker is made available to you through the video poker websites. The best part is you get all the free information and also the free gaming. There’s simply no need to wait as you can immediately start practicing and excel in the video poker game. Don’t feel that you are the only one doing this. Even the professional gamers practice on these free games before going in the real money gaming.

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